Laura Angell - Awkward Position

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 7th July - Saturday 12th August

Laura Angell - Awkward Position

Laura Angell is a Galway-based artist from Sheffield. Her work/obsession/raison d’être is manifested via multidisciplinary installations using images and handmade objects to tell an intended narrative. Her work focuses on failure, status, success, and anxiety. Describing herself as an ‘emotional flasher’, the essence of Laura’s work is the juxtaposition of darkness and the humour she employs to navigate and dissect these emotive themes. For this exhibition she focuses on the theme of ‘pornography: a societal failure’. “Sexualized images of the female body are constantly around us, apparently offering women the platform to take control and reveal ourselves as strong, independent empowered beings. This has stemmed from and is often influenced by pornography; it creates pressure that offers no alternative ideology. Struggling to agree or accept that any of it empowers women, the only form of attack is to make this exhibition, ridiculing the clichés of pornography and sexual parlance in order to divert the viewer to the political. This is a protest.”

Adm. Free  Note: Content of a sexual nature. 

Official opening on Friday 7th July at 7.30pm. All Welcome.

Bryan Gerard Duffy - The Fool by the Roadside

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 18th August - Saturday 16th September

Bryan Gerard Duffy - The Fool by the Roadside

“I will build a great wall - and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me - and I’ll build them very inexpensively.”  - American President Donald Trump

The exhibition title was based on Duffy’s naïve intervention, the act of surveying the innards of a decrepit Israeli army tank left isolated on the roadside in the Golan Heights region prior to the 2014 bombings on Gaza. He scaled a wall to invade the tank; he later crossed “the wall” to Bethlehem. The show explores the social consequences of these wall structures and the process of navigating them through the everyday. It presents a volatile playground composed of hideaways, shelters, and interactive materials tempting  the viewer to touch. 

Bryan Gerard Duffy’s work investigates notions of psychological and physical displacement. The Castlebar native is a multi-disciplinary artist having graduated from NCAD, Dublin in 2009.  He has exhibited work in the US, throughout Europe, Africa and The Middle East.  www.bryangerardduffy.com

Adm. Free

Official opening on Thursday 18th August @ 7.30pm. All welcome.

Cabinet of Wonders #4

VISUAL ART: FOYER Fri 23rd June - Sat 23rd September

Cabinet of Wonders #4

The latest manifestation of the Cabinet of Wonders has been unveiled in the Foyer of the Linenhall Arts Centre in Castlebar. This imaginative ongoing project takes its inspiration from the fashion for Cabinets of Curiosities, which found their beginnings in the Renaissance and were still much in fashion till the late 19th century.

Cabinet of Wonders #4 presents a series of works by a selection of contemporary visual artists: Cecilia Bullo, Lorcan Cassidy, Jenny Fox, Pauline Garavan, Maree Hensey, Julianne Knowles, Morwenna Lake, Fiona Maye, Sandra McCall, Áine O’Hara and Caroline Walshe. Inspired by the eclectic approach of the original collector-curators, the project presents a range of works “to engage, intrigue, surprise and delight”. Come and see for yourselves.

Cabinet of Wonders #4 will run until the 23rd September. Cabinet of Wonders #5 will be revealed at the beginning of October.

The Cabinet of Wonders project is devised, curated, installed and managed by Ian Wieczorek.

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