Elaine Leader – Framework

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 20th January - Saturday 25th February

An exhibition of drawings, models and installation work by Elaine Leader. “My practice involves drawing, architectural models and temporary experiential installations. These are psychological, disrupted, in-between spaces, which are activated by the viewer. They employ familiar kinetic architectural and engineering mechanisms from everyday life and repurpose them in a way to de-stabilise our preconceptions of space and how we move through it.” Leader was born in Dublin and completed her MFA in Sculpture NCAD in 2012. She has exhibited extensively in Ireland and N. Ireland, as well as in Sweden, France and the US. http://elaineleader.com/

“In her practice she creates ambitious large scale and complex installations that need to be experienced in order to complete their understanding. She creates complex architectural spaces that are activated by the viewer... The final and most important collaboration takes place with her audience, often unbeknownst to them, which makes Leader’s practice unique within the artist-artwork dichotomy.” - Séamus Mc Cormack (artist & curator)

Adm. Free

Official opening on Friday 20th January @ 7.30pm. All welcome.

Cabinet of Wonders #3

VISUAL ART: FOYER Monday 20th January - Saturday 20th May 2017

Cabinet of Wonders #3

The Cabinet of Wonders is an ongoing visual art project at the Linenhall Arts Centre, Castlebar, Co. Mayo. It is now in it's third iteration.This imaginative project takes its inspiration from the fashion for Cabinets of Curiosities, which found their beginnings in the Renaissance and were still much in fashion till the late 19thcentury.

From the time of the Renaissance, Cabinets of Curiosities (also known as Kunstkabinette or Wunderkammern), were collections of unusual objects which presented the rich and often curious diversity of the natural world and beyond. Taking this as its inspiration, The Cabinet of Wonders #3 presents a series of works by a selection of contemporary visual artists: Paul Bokslag, Cecilia Bullo, Stefania Corbelli, John Gayer, Maree Hensey, Annabel Konig, Chris Leach, Cecilia Moore, and Cosette Olohan. Inspired by the eclectic approach of the original collector-curators, the project presents a range of works “to engage, intrigue, surprise and delight”. Come and see for yourselves.

The Cabinet of Wonders project is devised, curated, installed and managed by Ian Wieczorek.

You can view the catalogue for The Cabinet of Wonders #1 here.

You can view the catalogue for The Cabinet of Wonders #2 here.

Hawthorn Group

VISUAL ART: FOYER Wednesday 25th January - Saturday 25th February

The Hawthorn Group is made up of seven individuals who are living in social housing in Aras Attracta. With support from the UPSTART scheme, this project focused on creating art that could be enjoyed and shared with the Hawthorn Group and their local Community. In creating this, the Hawthorn Group worked towards realising their own undiscovered artistic potential. As it was the group’s first time applying for the UPSTART programme, they enlisted the help of local Community Art resource Mayo Art Squad. The group developed their talents and skills by experimenting with different materials and methods of art. This project will hopefully be the first of many that will allow them to find their individual styles and expressions of art.  

UPSTART is an initiative of Mayo County Council Arts Office and The Hawthorn Group acknowledges the support received under this scheme this year.

Adm. Free

Official opening on Wednesday 25th January at 2.30pm. All welcome.

Nuala Clarke - As Above So Below

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 3rd March - Saturday 8th April

Nuala Clarke, As Above So Below, Visual Art

“The show explores the primary alchemical formula ‘as above so below’ through an endeavour to ‘make’ space. We constantly move in and out of spaces both physical and subtle that hold memories, prompt emotional reenactments, incite awe. The paintings in this show, explore deeply personal preferences of order while simultaneously claiming and offering what was once known but is now on the periphery of awareness. They also offer what is not known, yet deeply within and without us. The images and sound installation suggest a connection to primordial order; mysterious, moody, celebratory; full of shaman ghosts, air and land.”

Visual artist Nuala Clarke lives and works between Co. Mayo and New York City. She is a fellow of the Ballinglen Arts Foundation in Ballycastle, Co. Mayo. She has exhibited widely in Ireland and in the US. http://nualaclarke.com/

Adm. Free  

Official opening on Friday 3rd March at 7.30pm. The writer Crystal Gandrud will be performing with others at the opening. All welcome.

Nuala Clarke will deliver some workshops during the run of her exhibition you can read about them here.

Robert Dunne – Alter

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Thursday 13th April - Saturday 20th May

Robert Dunne, Alter, Visual Art

Robert Dunne works mainly with plaster and used wood, and says his work “is a way to reframe our ‘made’ environment. I try to capture physical and visual elements of my surroundings and reimagine, juxtapose and alter their structure and meaning to make new but vaguely familiar scenarios”.

Robert studied at the National Collage of Art and Design, Dublin and the Museum School of Fine Art in Boston. Last year he showed work in Carlow’s VISUAL, and was awarded a residency from Arthouse in Stradbally. This year he has two solo shows, one here at the Linenhall Arts Centre, and one in Gray Contemporary in Houston, Texas.

Adm. Free

Official opening on Thursday 13th April @ 7.30pm. All welcome.

RehabCare - Locality, Irish Legends and Stories

VISUAL ART: FOYER Tuesday 25th April - Saturday 27th May

RehabCare - Locality, Irish Legends and Stories

An exhibition by Rehab Care in Mayo showcasing recent work.

“The work displayed has been painted in support of the Drama Productions theme of Locality, Irish Legends  and Stories, ” explains art tutor Emma Gallagher. “The Art Group comprises 20 artists who have been painting and exhibiting for several years. The artists have used poster paint, pencil and markers and canvas of various sizes.”

Adm. Free