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Jamie Duffy Linenhall

Jamie Duffy

Saturday, 12 October 2024


At just 22 years old, Jamie Duffy has rapidly become a standout figure in the music scene, skillfully blending traditional, popular, and classical influences to craft a captivating and moving musical journey.

Jamie's debut single, "Solas" not only holds the distinction of being the most streamed debut song by an Irish artist since Hozier's "Take Me To Church" but has also achieved remarkable success on Spotify, amassing over 65 million streams and maintaining an impressive average of 755k streams per week. With over a million monthly listeners, Jamie Duffy is swiftly becoming a recognized name in the world of music.

The official video for "Solas" has gathered over 10 million views, and Jamie's TikTok channel boasts more than 191 thousand followers, 5.9 million likes, and a staggering 54.6 million views for his Solas sound.

Jamie's collaboration with County Mayo cellist Patrick Dexter on "Into The West" pays homage to Irish emigrants, drawing inspiration from the rugged shores of the Irish Atlantic coast. His diverse musical journey also includes collaborations with Moncrieff, Peter Sandberg (Stranger Things), and a recent partnership with Kingfishr, showcasing his versatility as an artist.

Notably, Jamie's media presence has been significant, with features on BBC, Newstalk, RTÉ, The Irish Independent, and the Belfast Telegraph. His unique ability to infuse his distinctive style into diverse musical landscapes has solidified his status as a rising star in the industry.