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Little Monsters by Laura Angell

Friday 20 October - Saturday 11 November 2023

Are there Little Monsters in your head and under your bed?

This exhibition by Laura Angell animates those monsters in dayglo colours and textile form. In a digital world loaded with emojis and contemporary cultural symbolism, she tells her story using a range of techniques including tapestry, embroidery, crochet and manipulated machine knitting.

The works are complemented by interactive art displays for little audiences. Families can drop in anytime and enjoy the experience for free.

This exhibition forms part of the Linenhall's RoolaBoola Children's Arts Season 2023.

Laura Angell’s work/obsession/raison d'etre is manifested via multidisciplinary installations using images and handmade objects (largely textile) to tell an intended narrative.

Her work focuses on failure, status, success, and anxiety; exploring society’s psychological concerns and examining subject matter we may not want to talk about; secrets, lies, shame and fear. Describing herself as an emotional flasher, the essence of her work is the juxtaposition of darkness and humour she employs to navigate and dissect these emotive heavyweights.

Previous work has taken on the forms of masks, containers and covers; pretty veneers covering heads and bodies that are bursting and racing with thoughts, worries and pressures as well as containers and sheet-like shrouds to keep things in as well as out.

In order to represent these conditions she doctors, interferes and intervenes; bringing the carefully selected images to a visual and tactile conclusion that is sometimes as intended and sometimes unexpected. Her working methods are labour intensive, compulsive, repetitive and obsessive. These methods can be likened to a coping mechanism. The process of making becomes as important as the work itself and is laced with repetition and recurrent symbols taking on myriad interpretations. Stitches are straight and controlled reflecting the compulsive nature of the artist and her practice. The produce is both the cause and the fruit of her compulsion. Laura Angell lives and works in Galway, Ireland

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