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Started making aeroplane lilian bland iitypewriter film carbon mimeograph on paper, 120 x 120cm

Started making aeroplane lilian bland iitypewriter film carbon mimeograph on paper, 120 x 120cm

Attitude of a Plane Julie Merriman

Friday 21 July - Saturday 26 August 2023

Marking a surface, as a system of communication, has lost little of its relevance today; the means may be more varied but the essence of the act remains fundamentally unchanged.

Julie Merriman's work is a continuation and a disruption of this process. Using present-day and historical data as research material, Merriman investigate modes of inscription, replication and transmission.

The artist employs obsolete office copying materials in making her work; carbon paper, typewriter film and Gestetner wax stencils, alongside mechanical devices, typewriters and Mimeograph duplicating machines such as the Neo Cyclostyle Gestetner, c.1890. Developed in the late nineteenth century, these machines met a growing demand in business to copy and replicate words and imagery efficiently. Filtering arrangements of marks through these materials and devices, and activating them, is an important aspect of Merriman's work process.

This exhibition will focus on aviation, specifically the experience of Irish female pilots, historically and present day. In a series of large-scale composite drawings, mimeograph prints and mimeograph book art, the work will explore various aspects of flight, including the topographical and architectural layout of European international airport sites. It will examine the design and construction of the first aeroplane built by an Irish female aeronautical engineer to the experience of a contemporary Aer Lingus female pilot flying an Airbus A330-200 from San Francisco to Dublin.

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