Community arts

community arts room

Where the magic happens...

The Linenhall Arts Centre’s Community Arts Room is designed as a workshop space. It is a 60mroom with transparent corrugated roofing and fluorescent lighting.

Facilities in the Community Arts Room include large sinks, foldable tables, chairs, a table-top etching press, two walls covered in soft board for pinning paper, etc. There is also a selection of tools available including scissors, hair dryers, plastic jugs and bowls, paint brushes, paper punchers, paint palettes, staplers, pinking shears, assorted tools for working with clay, etc.

Workshop facilitators are advised to contact the Linenhall Arts Centre to check the availability of tools and other materials, if they plan to use them for a workshop.

If you are interested in delivering a workshop at the Linenhall, full details are available here.