Theatre For Young and Old at the Linenhall

“A real feast of physical theatre” is in store for both old and young audiences with Theatre Lovett’s “Mr Foley, The Radio Operator” on Saturday March 22nd at the Linenhall Arts Centre

Old Jack Foley has a sore toe and it's not getting better. Once upon a time when he was young and strong he dreamed of joining the circus. But now he is tired and grey, and he sits alone by his radio twiddling the dials on his memories. Theatre Lovett invites you into their world of radio waves, sorrowful partings and hilarious slapstick comedy in "Mr. Foley, The Radio Operator". Join Louis Lovett as he conjures characters and chapters full of charm from Mr Foley's colourful past.

“What is very interesting about this show is that there are moments of comedy but also moments of genuine sadness, watching this older man past his time” said Lovett. “The question was there, whether six and seven year olds would enjoy watching that, and we find that they absolutely do. With Theatre Lovett shows, we really aim to engage everyone young and old. We put a lot of work into judging that balance so that the work appeals to everyone.We just had a lovely comment from a person in Virginia in Cavan … who specified how rare it is to have a show for children that genuinely engages with adults in the audience as well, so it was lovely to get that feedback.”  (Louis Lovett, Leinster Leader 13 Feb '14)

You can follow the progress of the "Mr Foley, The Radio Operator" tour in the lead up to it's dates at the Linenhall Arts Centre on the Theatre Lovett Facebook Page . 

Theatre Lovett are one of Ireland's most exciting companies for young and old alike ("A Feast of Bones", "The House that Jack Filled" and "The Girl that Forgot to Sing Badly") A guaranteed treat for all ages from 6 years and up! Come and enjoy!

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