Splendid Isolation with Ultan O'Brien

Fantastic addition to our latest episode of Splendid Isolation with Ultan O'Brien of Slow Moving Clouds!

This was so good we didn't even attempt to edit it - Ultan is clearly a born entertainer. Slow Moving Clouds were due to play at the Linenhall at the end of May but sadly it wasn't to be and they will hopefully be back with us either later in the year or in 2021.

Here Ultan talks about missing audiences and the magic of live entertainment as well as all he's getting up to during lockdown. He talks about exploring ideas and following them through as key to his career as an artist - 'by doing the thing you're motivated to do more of it'! Big thanks to Ultan for sharing this with us.

This series involves interviews with various artists and performers looking at how they are surviving (or thriving!) during the COVID-19 crisis and how their artform has been affected. The series initially started off with artists who had a show/performance rescheduled at the Linenhall as a result of the 2020 lockdown. The series now also focuses on Mayo artists.

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