Online workshops at the Linenhall Arts Centre Continue

The Linenhall Arts Centre’s online drawing, painting and poetry workshops are set to continue over the coming weeks.

On Bank Holiday Monday 13 April at 11.00am artist Maeve Clancy will present a drawing workshop for children and young people inspired by the work of French artist Henri Rousseau, and in particular his famous painting Surprised (Tiger in a Tropical Storm). Drawing skills covered in this workshop will include; using a grid, shape drawing, observational drawing, visual research and using reference images.

Artist Tracy Sweeney, and poet Alice Kinsella will also present workshops in paint and poetry; Tracy on Wednesday (15 April) at 11.00am, and Alice on Thursday (16 April) at 3.00pm.

For more information and to engage with these workshops simply follow the Linenhall Arts Centre’s Instagram and Facebook pages and tune in at the listed dates and times.

Please note that these workshop is completely free. However the Linenhall Arts Centre is a charity and accepts donations with absolutely no pressure to do so:

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