Linenhall Staff Brushing up their Gaeilge

The Linenhall Arts Centre is delighted to welcome Galway based Moonfish Theatre to Castlebar on October 1st this year, with their theatre adaptation of Joseph O'Connor's "The Star of the Sea". As part of their national tour Moonfish are working with Foras na Gaeilge to promote the use of the Irish language in the venues on their tour, and the Linenhall has signed up as an "Ionad ag Foghlaim" (Learner Venue).

As part of the programme Maura (our Manager) and myself, Orla (Arts Access Officer) are doing an Irish course online using the Duolingo app. I was a little late off the blocks and only got started this past weekend. The Duolingo app was quite a revelation for me. Basically it's gamified language learning. In other words typical elements of game playing (point scoring, working through levels etc) are applied to the language learning process. I signed up to do ten minutes per day, but after ten minutes got completely hooked by the app, and ended up spending about 45 minutes at it on my first day.

Duolingo allows you to test your standard before starting, so that the questions you're asked match your ability. To my shame I had to start at the Basics 1 level! The app works through a range of topics and language structures using varied question styles which help keep the user engaged. It's definitely working in terms of improving my vocabulary. My eight year old son was also keen to try out duolingo. We've now downloaded the app on his device, and he has assured me that he'll be fluent first. That's putting it up to me!

Today we received this video link from Moonfish Theatre, in which the various company members talk about their favourite word in Irish. Have a look. We'll put together our own one from the staff in the Linenhall next week.

Further details for Moonfish Theatre's "The Star of the Sea" performance at the Linenhall Arts Centre here.

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