Keep the Arts At the Heart of 2017

The Linenhall Wishes Everyone a very Happy and Art-Full New Year

Research has shown that regular engagement with the arts is enormously beneficial for enhancing wellbeing. With this in mind we have some suggestions for your New Years resolutions list.

Keep the Arts in Your Heart - New Years Resolution Suggestions:

See real art: Make a resolution to visit a gallery once a month. We're spoiled for choice here in Mayo with five publicly funded gallery spaces and lots more privately run ones too. There's also lots of public art to check out around our towns and county. Feel free to wonder and have questions about the art works.

Explore your hidden talent: Many of us have talents that we have not yet developed. Perhaps you really enjoyed dancing as a child, but didn't have the opportunity to keep it up - find out where dance classes are taking place locally and get stuck in! Or acting? Check out if there's an amateur drama group in your area. Time to write that book? Carry a notebook with you and start jotting down your ideas, or find a creative writing class for a real kick start.

Decide to go to a live performance (theatre / music / dance) once every three months. Even better bring a friend along so that afterwards you can have a good chat about what you've seen.

Try out something new. You could be surprised by what you discover!

...the possibilities are as endless as individuals are diverse!

Involve your children in arts activities. The arts are really important in the lives of children and benefit their social, emotional and cognitive development.

Draw (a real easy way to get creative): Get a sketch book and make drawing a regular habit. Just a little regular doodling can really get you up and running. If you feel you want to take big steps in terms of your drawing skills why not sign up for a workshop at one of your local arts venues.

Wishing you a very Happy and Art-Full 2017!

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