Hubris.2 An Exhibition Of Sculptures by Oscar Dempsey

Hubris.2 Sculpture by Oscar Dempsey

Join us for the launch our new exhibition with Oscar Dempsey. Friday 11 March, 5pm in the Linenhall Gallery...

Pride is a self-conscious emotion and an artificial sentiment, born from society which prompts individuals to attach more importance to themselves. Hubris is the characteristic of excessive pride fuelled by power or success, which can be committed by an individual or larger group. The loss of pride can provoke aggression causing economic, social and geopolitical damage in response to ego threats. Hubris.2 is based upon research into the psychology of pride and the key questions that prompted this exhibition were:

Why do “proud” attachments to nations persist in a more globalised world?

What pleasures or extremes become possible when people dissolve their identity into a collective form?

Hubris.2 is an installation of different sculptural works and creatures in dialogue with one another. Using the anatomy of Hyenas as a visual focal point, Dempsey took influence from their “dominance hierarchy”, which consists of intra-sexual conflicts in a matriarchal system. The two main figures appear to be in tension with one another. The larger creature holds a provoking stance, aiming its rage at the smaller figure, who appears unaware, wrapped up in its own narcissistic tendencies. The sculptures also contradict this point of aggression by resembling limbless figures from Classical Art periods. They attempt to impersonate male nude figures as they stand in antagonising positions, while being deemed weak by their dangling limbs.

Oscar Dempsey works with various arts projects and production companies to design and manufacture for performance, art and film. Dempsey has exhibited their work internationally throughout Ireland, UK, Denmark, Czech Republic and Finland with stage productions, exhibitions, art fairs and a Performance Quadrennial. Their work moves between visual arts and live arts as their role may be artist, scenographer or designer.

Adm. Free

Exhibition runs until Saturday 16 April 2022

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