Films For Leaving Cert Students Return!

We’ve selected two great films to ensure the language learning process is entertaining and enjoyable.

We’ve got some great events this Spring designed especially for your students with their enjoyment and safety in mind.

We are delighted to be teaming up with the Irish Film Institute to present film screenings for Senior Cycle students. Film provides a source of authentic and varied language in real world settings. It delivers a shared experience for your class and encourages the inner film critic.  And we’ve selected two great films to ensure the language learning process is entertaining and enjoyable.

Gagarine Tues 8th Feb 10:15am

A beautiful tale of community, friendship and dreaming big. Teenager Yuri lives at Gargarine, a housing project on the outskirts of Paris. He dreams of becoming an astronaut just like his and the building’s namesake, Yuri Gagarin. When the building is condemned for demolition, Yuri, along with his friends Houssam and Diana, embark on creating their own starship.

France • 2020 • English subtitles • Drama • 98mins •  Directors:  Fanny Liatard, Jérémy Trouilh

Night Forest/Nachtwald Tue 15th Feb 10:15am

New German language film, this engrossing and tense teen drama features great performances and beautiful natural landscapes. Driven by the belief that a legendary cave exists in the Usulenberg mountain, teenage Paul’s dad sets off on an expedition, only to never return. A year later, the boy is struggling to cope with his father’s disappearance. Convinced that the man was right, Paul sets off on a search with his best friend Max to try to uncover what actually happened to his father.  This big summer adventure is ultimately a tale of friendship, freedom and imagination.

Germany •2021 • 96 mins • Drama/Adventure • German/English subtitles • Director: Andre Hörmann & Katrin Milhan

Study Guides have been developed for both films and will be available to classes who book. Tickets are €5 per pupil with complimentary ticket & coffee for teachers. For further information, and to book please call 094 9023733.

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