Dr Kathleen Lynn Celebrated in Children's Art

In the lead up to "Kathleen Lynn: Insider on the Outside" the Linenhall Arts Centre's Visual Art Programme for Schools team worked with four primary school groups delivering workshops during which the children created portraits representing the Mayo Doctor. Their creations are now on show in the Linenhall Arts Centre foyer.

These workshops formed part of the Linenhall Arts Centre's ongoing Visual Art Programme for Schools which is run in conjunction with its gallery exhibition programme and is visited by between three and three and a half thousand primary school students each year. Designed and delivered by Marian McHale, Aisling Holian and TrĂ­ona Langan, the workshops began with an introduction to the portraiture work of Irish artist Robert Ballagh. Then following a presentation about Dr Kathleen Lynn the children went about creating their own art works.

A traditional approach to portraiture was taken for some of the art works. In other pieces there are references to Kathleen Lynn's work life; her doctor's bag, stethoscopes, hospital cots, syringes, the St Ultan's Hospital building, and so on. Her involvement in the Easter 1916 Rising features in drawings which include the Irish Flag and the Flag of the Irish Republic, ships biscuits (her main source of nourishment while in Ship Street prison), and prison bars. One child makes a feature of one of the lice from the prison blankets in his piece. Kathleen references her trouble with the lice in prison in her witness statement: "We had dusty grey blankets which were all crawling with lice. I never slept during the time I was there. I could not. The scratching was not so bad in the daytime but in the night-time it was perfectly awful. I always was very sensitive to that sort of thing. I used to marvel how the others girls seemed to sleep." Kathleen's dog Bran also features in many of the works. She kept a card in her diary with a clipping from his hair attached, along with the following quotation: "Bran with us - 1.4.39 to 19.8.48".

The Linenhall is delighted to exhibit the children's work in parallel with "Kathleen Lynn: Insider on the Outside", and feel that it is highly appropriate in the context of Kathleen Lynn's life-long dedication to children, their health and welfare. We wish to extend our congratulations to all the children involved namely - the students from Killocraun National School, Ballina; the third class students from Snugboro National School and third class from St Joseph's National School, Ballinrobe.

The exhibition continues at the Linenhall Arts Centre until April 30th, alongside "Kathleen Lynn: Insider on the Outside".

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