Congratulations to Eimear McBride on winning the inaugural Goldsmiths Prize

We were delighted to hear the news of Eimear McBride's win yesterday. The Goldsmiths Prize was created by Goldsmiths, University of London in association with the New Statesman to recognise published fiction that opens up new possibilities for the novel form.

Speaking yesterday at the prize giving ceremony, held on Goldsmiths' campus in New Cross, London, McBride said: "Thank you very much, what a surprise, a great pleasure to be part of this fantastic shortlist. There was a long time when I thought I would never have this book published, and I felt quite depressed about the state of publishing as a result. To have a prize like this is a really wonderful thing to encourage writers to be adventurous, to continue to be adventurous, to encourage publishers to be adventurous, and readers to be adventurous. Thank you for Goldsmiths for starting this, thank you very much for selecting me."
More about the Goldsmiths Prize at this link

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