Qualities of Water

VISUAL ART: FOYER Friday 7 February - Saturday 6 March

Qualities of Water

A photography exhibition and publication exploring the many qualities of water that surrounds, supports, and connects us. The photos were taken by individuals living in Mayo, Monaghan, and Roscommon, whose work and lives intersect with water in different ways. Together, these photos capture the complex and surprising connections between water, spirituality, geology, pollutants, farming, infrastructure and the wider environment.

This participatory photography project was led by Dr. Patrick Bresnihan, Maynooth University, and was funded by the Irish Research Council and the Environmental Protection Agency. Participants include caretakers and managers of Group Water Schemes, farmers, anglers, catchment scientists, representatives from local authorities, and individuals involved in community catchment projects, including the Lough Carra Catchment Association.

Adm. Free

Official opening on Friday 7 February at 2.30pm. All welcome. Launch by Colin-Stafford Johnson with talks by Dr Patrick Bresnihan (Maynooth University), Tom Byrne (Lough Carra Catchment Association) and Martin Keating (Mayo County Council). The official opening will be in conjunction with the launch of the publication Lough Carra - A Gem Worth Preserving.