Patrick Corcoran - Phobos & Deimos

VISUAL ART GALLERY: Friday 23rd February - Saturday 24th March

Patrick Corcoran - Phobos & Deimos

Patrick Corcoran is an artist based in Limerick City, working in mixed media. He explains: “Phobos and Deimos were figures in Greek mythology, twin brothers personifying fear and terror. This work deals with the themes of defence, self-defence and fear. Though several pieces are personal, coming directly from my own dreams and nightmares, other pieces stem from fear-related topics, such as the prevailing atmosphere of ‘climate of fear’ covered so frequently by the national and international media. This climate includes financial worries, civil strife/conflict, global environmental/weather concerns and even interstellar /cosmic earth-related disasters. The individual works in Phobos & Deimos, though varying in style and media, all relate to how governments, the media and individuals explore these concerns and issues.”

Corcoran has exhibited in Ireland, UK, Switzerland, Brazil, Hungary and China. 

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Official opening on Friday 23rd February at 7.30pm. All welcome.