Nathalie Daoust – Korean Dreams

Visual Art: Gallery Friday 5th April – Saturday 11th May

Nathalie Daoust – Korean Dreams

Photographer Nathalie Daoust’s Korean Dreams is a complex series that probes the unsettling vacuity of North Korea. The images reveal a country that seems to exist outside of time, as a carefully choreographed mirage. Daoust has spent much of her career exploring the chimeric world of fantasy: the hidden desires and urges that compel people to escape from reality. Here, she explores this escapist impulse not as an individual choice, but as a way of life forced upon an entire nation. Daoust deliberately obscures her photographs during the development stage, as the layers of film are peeled off, the images are stifled until the facts become ‘lost’ in the process and a sense of detachment from reality is revealed. The photographs, like the North Korea people, are manipulated until the underlying truth is all but a blur. The resultant pictures speak to North Korean society, of missing information and truth concealed. Nathalie Daoust is a Canadian photographer and contemporary artist. She first broke onto the scene in 1997, and her conceptual projects that have taken her all over the world, both thematically and through her many exhibitions.

Adm: Free

Official opening on Friday 5th April at 7.30pm. All welcome.