Markus Davies – Beyond & Between

Visual Art: Gallery Friday 11th January – Saturday 16th February

Markus Davies’ paintings are an abstracted, interpretive response to the built environment through which he travels. They are a personal evaluation of his daily surroundings, addressing the simple experience of the transitory moments he lives. His colours are chosen intuitively - often lifted and re-contextualised as he discovers them within daily life, and his distinct geometric compositions are informed by anything he encounters, from buildings and road signs to commercial packaging. Davies strives to capture the impressions and memories of existing in his everyday spaces. Developed from his understanding and experience of the urban landscape, his paintings combine a multitude of fragments of visual and emotional data and distill them into controlled, sensitive, beautiful objects. Markus’ work has been exhibited and published in Ireland and the UK. In one of his most recent projects he collaborated with 12 national and international artists in Dublin, raising awareness of disused spaces within our cities.

Adm. Free

Official opening on Friday 11th January at 7.30pm. All welcome.