Foyer | Faces from the Frontline

photography exhibition by Orla Sloyan

Faces from the Frontline Orla Sloyan Linenhall Arts Centre

This exhibition, created in honour of the frontline workers during the recent Covid pandemic is an ongoing work in progress. Everyone photographed, those from the health, transport, postal, security, retail, and hospitality sectors, provided a service to those who couldn’t work, or travel from home for more than 2-5 kilometres. Who was the person behind the mask? What encouraged them to help others in a world that became dramatically more uncertain day-by-day? Come and see this moving and contemplative exhibition from photographer Orla Sloyan.

Recipient of the Arts Council’s Agility Award for her work in documenting the faces of the essential workers during this time, Orla’s exhibition will be opened by guest speaker, Dr. Irene White

The official opening is on Friday 2 June 2023 at 5.30pm. All welcome.