Crown lakeen

Linenhall Arts Centre Gallery: Friday 2 October - Saturday 30 January 2021

Crown lakeen

Irish Travellers or Mincéirí are an indigenous ethnic minority group who have been part of Irish society for centuries. 

Hair is a powerful symbol of individuality. It is intrinsically linked to identity, ethnicity, culture and gender. Traveller/Mincéir girl’s hair symbolises a unique form of creative expression and identity.

Hairstyles and rituals surrounding hair care can convey powerful messages about a person’s beliefs and lifestyle.

For this exhibition artist Breda Mayock and photographer Orla Sloyan worked with Traveller/Mincéir girls to create these personal portraits.

This is a celebration of Traveller/Mincéir girls, their aesthetic expression and their unique culture. Crown lakeen is the Linenhall Arts Centre's 21st annual exhibition curated with young audiences in mind.

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Crown lakeen is presented in tandem with its sister exhibition Crown beoir which takes place at the National Museum of Ireland Country Life, Turlough Parke. Find out more about Crown beoir

These exhibitions are part of a larger project entitled Crown - Hair and Identity which focuses on Traveller/Mincéiri women and girls and the subject of how hair is intrinsically linked to identity, ethnicity, culture and gender.

The exhibition names draw from the Traveller language Cant, with beoir meaning woman and lakeen meaning girl. ‘Crown lakeen’ explores hair and identity from the perspective of teenage girls, and the ‘Crown beoir’ features the women project participants and considers the same themes but brings more life experience to the subject matter.

Exhibition continues until Saturday 30 January 2021