Exhibiting at the Linenhall

Exhibitors in the Linenhall

The Linenhall Arts Centre programmes a range of contemporary visual arts in a series of exhibitions throughout the year.

Gallery Policy

The Linenhall Visual Arts Gallery exhibits the work of Irish and international artists in a programme of solo and group exhibitions. The programme is developed on an annual basis through an open-submissions process and is selected by a dedicated artists panel drawn from established artists and the local community. 

Group exhibitions are contextualised around themes which offer the audience access to artists at various levels of experience and to art in various different media. Our aim is to encourage inter-generational conversation between artists, audience and local community. 

Solo exhibitions provide opportunities for deeper engagement with individual arts practices and contribute to the ongoing development of visual art as part of the cultural matrix of the Linenhall Arts Centre. 

The Linenhall Visual Arts Gallery Programme seeks at all times to treat art and artists in a fair and respectful manner and to increase the level of quality of work being presented to their audience. 

It is the ambition of the Gallery to work towards a programme which includes the commissioning of new and ambitious work, as it continues to develop the conversation and dialogue between the local audience and artists at all stages of their careers.

The Gallery programme is managed by the Artistic Director and a curatorial panel which includes both professional artists, art collectors and board members with curatorial expertise. 

Current Panel members are – Alice Maher (Artist, Board Member), Eamon Smith (Art Collector, Board Member), Pat Harris (Artist), Joanna Hopkins (Artist), and Anne O'Mahony (Art Collector, Artist).

Exhibiting Your Work at the Linenhall Arts Centre

The work ranges from that of younger emerging artists to those of international reputation. The Linenhall accepts submissions for exhibitions on an ongoing basis.

The Linenhall provides support for exhibiting artists as follows:
- an artists fee of €500 per exhibition
- 1 technician and/or 1 installer for 1 day to assist with installation
- insurance cover
- marketing and publicity throughout the exhibition
- opening reception

Exhibition proposals should include:

·  Contact details; name, address, phone number (and email address if used)

·  A current curriculum vitae

·  An artist’s statement

·  A maximum of ten images of the artists work in slide, jpeg or photographic format.

Original works will not be accepted.

Exhibition proposals are considered by the Linenhall’s Visual Arts Committee on a regular basis and at these meetings the exhibition programme is selected. Exhibitions are programmed approximately one year in advance.

Exhibition proposals should be submitted by email to Bernadette Greenan director@thelinenhall.com Please note that submissions by post will not be accepted. If you have queries in relation to this you can contact Bernadette directly at the email address provided.