Siobhan McGibbon - The cultivation of a fallacy

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 2nd - Saturday 31st May

Siobhan McGibbon’s practice is predominantly sculpture-based. Her work derives from a fascination with “extraordinary medical conditions that essentially force the host to exist on the edge of anatomy”. The artist examines the boundaries of anatomy through a series of investigations that engage with the notion of misconception and the cultivation of a fallacy of an illness or medical condition, resulting in and imagined inner bodily landscape created from a collective of misinterpretations. The work is influenced by the evolution of clinical teratology, the historical study of abnormalities both real and imagined, and by the modern scientific study of teratogenesis - from the Greek meaning monster making’ - the study of abnormal growths in the foetus, and questions whether the misconceptions of the uncanny body have assisted in the formation of socially accepted notions of “normal” anatomy. Siobhan McGibbon is an Irish artist based in Roscommon. She graduated from GMIT in Galway in 2009, and has exhibited nationally and internationally.

Adm. free

Official opening on Friday 21st February at 7.30pm. All welcome.

The Linenhall Arts Centre acknowledges the financial support of the Arts Council in making this exhibition possible.

Ruth Pettus: To Market, To Market

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 2nd - Saturday 24th August

An unusual, engaging and evocative exhibition of shoe sculptures by New Zealand-born artist Ruth Pettus, inspired by the Linenhall’s former existence as the original marketing area for the sale of flax grown in Mayo during the 18th and 19th centuries. 

As Ruth explains, “The shoes can be seen to represent the individuals and groups of people jostling, conversing and travelling within the market area. The different textures and directions of the shoes reflects a commercial hubbub of sorting, selling and buying that would have most likely been enjoyed as a break from the daily routine. Most of these shoes were made at my brother’s house in County Galway from 2009-2012.” 

She continues, “I have been working in this medium for 20 years. The ‘shoes’ are reminiscent of unearthed objects, damaged leftovers, fossils, narratives, the buried. They become an amalgamation of past and present.” 

Ruth Pettus is an Anglo-American artist living in Baltimore, Maryland. She has exhibited widely in the US, ans also in Spain and Russia.

Admission free. 

Gallery open: Monday to Friday 10am until 5pm, and Saturday 11am until 5.30pm. 

Ruth Pettus' website.

Niamh O'Malley: The Mayo Arts Collaborative Inaugural Project

VISUAL ART: Gallery 31st August - 30th Sept 2013

In September, Mayo-born artist Niamh O’Malley will return to her home county for a unique exhibition featuring recent examples of her work in five different venues around the Mayo region.

Creating a cultural trail through some of Ireland’s most stunning landscapes, visitors are encouraged to engage with Niamh’s work in exhibition spaces in Belmullet, Ballycastle, Ballina, Castlebar and Westport.

The project breaks ground as it is the first time all five publicly funded visual arts spaces in Mayo have collaborated to show a single artist’s work simultaneously.

"There are two reasons this project excites me. One the collaborative aspect, venues pooling resources to achieve ambitious projects is a leading principle to establish in these lean times. Secondly, Niamh O’Malley’s work of the last five years has a distinct strength of vision and execution and embraces the complexity of perception, and this is an extraordinary way to encounter it." - Patrick T Murphy, curator of project and Director of RHA.

Niamh’s work combines video installation with sculptural objects and drawings many of which draw on landscape as a subject. Her recent film works have portrayed diverse sites: from Britain’s longest bridge, the pilgrimage island of Lough Derg and an immense working quarry to the intimate space of an inner city garden.

Niamh has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally. She has recently had a solo exhibition at Project Art Centre, Dublin. Her work is currently on show in Island: New Art from Ireland at Galleria Civica Modena, Italy and is in the collections of the Irish Museum of Modern Art, The Hugh Lane Gallery & the Arts Council of Ireland among others.

There will be a comprehensive education and events programme running alongside the project. This will include guided bus trips that will take visitors to all five venues in one day. Prior booking through participating venues is essential for the bus trips.

All five venues will devise specific access programmes for the exhibition during Culture Night.

A catalogue documenting Niamh’s practice with essays by Luke Gibbons & Matt Packer as well as a curator’s statement by Patrick T. Murphy of the RHA, will be published to accompany the exhibitions.

Aras Inis Gluaire website
Ballina Arts Centre website
Ballinglen Arts Foundation website
Custom House Studios website

This project is supported by Mayo County Council and The Arts Council

Lucy Hill: paint

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 4th October - Saturday 9th November

Artist Lucy Hill has created something really exciting and different for our annual exhibition for young audiences. paint is an interactive, participatory, multimedia, multi-sensory exhibition of abstract painting. In short, an exhibition you can play with! With an array of opportunities to interact with the works, through looking, smelling, listening, drawing and playing with materials, this will be an exhibition you and your children will want to return to. You can check out the "paint" exhibition website here.

Reflecting the shifting focus in education towards ‘process’ as much as ‘product’, this exhibition exposes the artist’s working methods alongside her paintings. This is not a didactic ‘how to paint’ exercise, rather it aims to tackle the myth that a real piece of art is a form of perfection that appears by magic, and is made by especially gifted creatures. On the contrary, art making is connected to earthy and utterly human states and questions including messiness, pleasure, fun, persistence, procrastination, time, despair, frustration, joy, curiosity and obsession.

The exhibition also aims to draw attention to the phenomenon of ‘flow’ (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi 1990), observing how readily children slip into deep involvement when they are fully engaged with creative materials, and how an artist’s most satisfying work happens while in that same state of flow, how precious that state is and how delicate and difficult it can be to orchestrate. Come and explore!

Adm. free

Official opening on Friday 4th October at 7.30pm. All welcome

Supported by Mayo County Development Board and Inspiration Station

Lucy Hill will be facilitating paint-lab, a visual art workshop for children in conjunction with this exhibition. 

Gary Kearney

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 17th January - Saturday 15th February

Gary Kearney's work reflects his interest in architecture, perspective and natural lighting and explores how these change our emotional connection to our city. “The city appeals to me because it contains vast amounts of information infinitly being altered through the effects of weather conditions and man’s constant obsession with construction and progression. The environment changes our emotions towards the way we look at certain aspects of our lives and surroundings. I try to capture these emotions and encase them within my paintings.” Born in Tipperary and based in Cork, Gary graduated from the Crawford College of Art & Design in 2005. His work has been exhibited throughout Ireland including most recently a solo show at the Sirius Arts Centre in Cork and group shows in the Wandesford Quay Gallery in Cork and the Source Arts Centre in Tipperary. Gary is a member of Backwater Artists Group in Cork.

Adm. free

Official opening on Friday 17th January at 7.30pm. All welcome.

Gary Kearney's Website

Shiro Masuyama - The Heart Rocker

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 21st February - Saturday 22nd March

Shiro Masuyama - The Heart Rocker

Over the past 11 years, Japanese-born artist Shiro Masuyama has engaged in a range of residencies worldwide – including Korea, Berlin, New York, Barcelona and IMMA in Dublin – and has exhibited widely in Japan, the UK, Ireland, N. Ireland and

mainland Europe. The Heart Rocker is an installation based on the artist's experience relocating from Berlin to Belfast. Living close to a Peace Line, Shiro was annoyed to repeatedly find dog excrement in his front garden. In response he created a mural banner which he hung on the wall of his house, “a simple action to prevent re-occurrence while also refl ecting on my identity as a Japanese outsider.” He also made a video of himself disposing of the offending “metaphorical landmines” while wearing a forensic suit. The exhibition title is a reference to The Hurt Locker, a fi lm about bomb disposal. “In Japan, many people misunderstand the title as ‘The Heart Rocker’, as Japanese cannot differentiate between ‘L’ and ‘R’.”

Adm. free

Official opening on Friday 21st February at 7.30pm. All welcome.

Shiro Masuyama's Website


VISUAL ART: GALLERY Saturday 29th March - Saturday 26th April

FIND is an exciting artistic venture presenting a series of temporary artworks/installations/events in and around the town of Castlebar, with the Linenhall Arts Centre acting as central focus for participating artists and audience alike. Artists were encouraged to consider discreet or 'hidden' works that will be 'unravelled', or be revealed, via the event tour and maps encouraging the public to seek out the works. The Mayo artists who were selected for the commissions are Nuala Clarke, Alice Dixon, Joanna Hopkins, Chris Leach, Amanda Rice and Ian Wieczorek. This project is the fi rst collaboration of the Linenhall Arts Centre and the Mayo County Council Public Art Programme, in association with international status Irish artists Alice Maher and Aideen Barry acting as mentors for the initiative. As part of this major project, the Linenhall's Gallery is to become a living installation of the participating artists' studio environments for the duration of the exhibition, offering an intriguing 'behind-the-scenes' insight into the artistic processes at play. The project will stage a day of talks, networking and a tour of the artworks, hosted from the Linenhall on Saturday 29th March. A website documenting the work and a downloadable public art trail will be developed. 

Adm. free

Official opening on Saturday 29th March. All welcome

Sara Pfrommer - SHIFT

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 6th June - Saturday 12th July

Sarah Pfrommer - SHIFT

The inspiration and subject of Sara Pfrommer's video work is Nature and herself. Acting as both actor and camera operator at the same time, she is interested in seemingly ordinary events of her immediate surroundings. By minutely shifting standard video conditions, she raises new questions. These shifts occur when she uses optical blur or repeats simple actions again and again. What she is looking for are events that occur on the borderline of control and its loss, and the intensity created by this tension. SHIFT presents video and photographic work created during Sara's 6-month stay on Achill Island in 2013, funded by the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD.

Berlin-based artist Sara Pfrommer was born in Germany in 1980. She studied Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden under Monika Brandmeier, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. 

Adm. Free

Official opening on Friday 6th June at 7.30pm. All Welcome

Lorg Printmakers - Oddity

GALLERY: Friday 18th July - Saturday 23rd August

Oddity is a members submission exhibition which brings both established and new members of Lorg Fine Art Printmakers to create a contemporary fine art print exhibition.

Each year, Lorg Fine Art Printmakers invites submissions from over 90 members, contributing to a diverse, high standard array of print making techniques visible each year in the Lorg Fine Art Printmakers Members Exhibition. In 2014, artists are asked to respond to the theme of 'Oddities and Marvels within Manmade and Natural Frameworks'.

The exhibition comprises around 25 pieces of work which will demonstrate various techniques from traditional to modern printmaking techniques, including collagraph, copper plate etching, screenprint and digital.

Adm. free

Official opening on Friday 18th July at 7.30pm Official opening by Sioban Piercy, Visual Artist and Lecturer in Fine Art Printmaking.

All welcome.

Amanda Jane Graham – Warrior’s One in Three

GALLERY: Friday 29th August - Saturday 10th October

It has been substantially documented that cancer will touch one in three of us. Warriors One in Three is a mixed media exhibition that acknowledges the stoic bravery, dignity and resilience of people that have faced serious illness. “Through this exhibition the victim becomes the warrior byaddressing perceptions of conflicting cultural projections played out through society. My practice is a trajectory of self-reflection, personnal narrative, and memoirs where the viewer completes the experience. Handmade process is essential to the practice. The traditional mediums of drawing, fine print, collage, embroidery and wool crafts are key to generating the intricate visual representation that penetrates the memory of the observer creating unconscious and organic emotional reactions. The exhibition will have the power touch, engage and connect with the collective experience of the audience because it will be tender, uplifting and compelling.” Amanda completed an MA Fine Art at National College of Art and Design, Dublin in 2011.

Adm. free

Official opening on Friday 29th August at 7.30pm. All welcome.


GALLERY: Friday 17th October - Saturday 15th November

A highly engaging exhibition demonstrating the range, scope and skill of Ireland's top children's book illustrators. Pictiúr was curated by Niamh Sharkey during her time as Laureate na nÓg and features the work of 21 illustrators including PJ Lynch, Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick, Chris Haughton, Kevin Waldron, Oliver Jeffers, Chris Judge, Steve Simpson, Andrew Whitson, Mary Murphy, Michael Emberley and Olivia Golden. The exhibition includes illustrations from books written in English and Irish.

As a way of highlighting Ireland during its EU Presidency in 2013, Children’s Books Ireland, under the auspices of Laureate na nÓg, toured Pictiúr to international audiences in Austria, Italy and Belgium. Now on tour in Ireland - here's your chance to catch it on your very own doorstep.

Here's a video clip documenting Pictiúr in Vienna

The exhibition catalogue is available to view online here

Children’s Books Ireland is the national children's book organisation of Ireland.

Adm. free

Official opening on Friday 17th October at 6.00pm. ALL WELCOME

Pamela de Brí - Midland 2 / Lár Tíre 2

GALLERY: Friday 21st November - Saturday 17th January

Midland 2/ Lár Tíre 2 is a multimedia installation of photographs, notebooks, maps, prints, audio clips and video focusing on the North West section of de Brí's The Midland Project . Taking inspiration from the culture and heritage of the railways and their location, and focusing on the former Midland Great Western Railway which traversed Ireland from East to West, The Midland Project interweaves history, folklore, hearsay, stories, memory, beliefs, nature and natural history, in an attempt to record the patina and texture of place. The work has been on-going from 2011 to the present.

Pamela explains: “I am interested in the convergence of art and social documentary, how objects and images from the past embody cultural memory and characterize the future. My art presents  a perspective on temporality and on an ever-evolving world, critiquing values and trends that result from social change.”

Pamela has exhibited widely in Ireland with solo exhibitions in Galway, Kildare, Westmeath and Dublin, and group shows in Ireland, Wales, England and Australia. Residencies include the Tyrone Guthrie Centre and Cill Rialaig, and she has received grants from Kildare Co. Council Arts Service and from Culture Ireland.

Adm. Free 

Official opening on Friday 21st November at 7.30pm. ALL WELCOME

At Home in the Universe

FOYER: Wednesday 26th November - Wednesday 10th December

Luisne Art Project and Connaught Creative Resource Centre (CCRC) artists have come together to create this exhibition. The collaboration has grown out of a theme that developed and gathered momentum in the course of the groups' work during 2014 - the theme of 'home, everyday objects, domestic objects and farm animals at home'. The exhibition examines and explores the possibilities of this home territory further with exciting results, and features the work of artists from Luisne Art Project, Ballinrobe and artists from CCRC (Connaught Creative Resource Centre), and VTC Castlebar, along with contributions from other local arts disability groups.

Luisne Art Project is supported by Mayo County Council Arts Office and Western Care with administrative support from TACU Family Resource Centre, Ballinrobe.

This is an UPSTART project. UPSTART is an initiative of Mayo County Council Arts Office and Luisne Art Project acknowledges the support received under this scheme this year.

Adm. Free 

Kawaii Comics

FOYER: Saturday 13th December - Saturday 31st January

Kawaii Comics are a group of young comics creators in Castlebar. Throughout autumn they are working with artist Maeve Clancy to explore graphic reportage and the use of comic form as a mode of expression in non-fiction contexts. This exhibition of large comic strips is the outcome of three months of work wherein the group explored the work of a selection of organisations, groups and activities available to young people in Mayo, and reported on it in comic format.

Exhibiting members of Kawaii Comics are  Melissa Duffy, Anna Dreimane, Jane Faull, Chloe Hawe, Emily Nolan, and Rebekah Ryan. Maeve Clancy is an illustrator, animator, and paper artist. She has had a number of solo and group exhibitions, and her pop-up books feature on the music videos of Lisa Hannigan ("Lille" & "I Don't Know") and a 2013 Samsung advertisement. She has facilitated a number of workshops at the Linenhall Arts Centre, and is working on a graphic novel.This project is made possible by the support of the Arts Council's Youth Ensemble Scheme.

Adm: Free

Official opening on Saturday 13th December at 3.30pm. ALL WELCOME

Jack Hickey - The Nocturnes

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 23rd January - Saturday 28th Feb

Born in 1988 in Cobh, Jack Hickey graduated from Crawford College of Art & Design in 2011. Following his degree show he has received considerable critical acclaim and a purchase prize from the OPW. In 2013 he began a new body of paintings entitled The Nocturnes, dealing with the social nightlife experience amongst Ireland’s young adults, which “illustrates the beautiful, the ridiculous, and the menacing of the clouded contemporary cityscape. The work explores the shaded underclass of the nocturnal urban terrain and pursues the disenfranchised as they search their city for meaning once darkness falls.”

“Hickey... combined skill with concept in aseries of intensely atmospheric realist paintings.” Cristín Leach, Sunday Times

“Hickey... is the real deal, an artist with a clear vision and the ability to realise it in paint.His canvases - of glimpsed figures in otherwise empty rooms - are some of the best in recent graduate exhibitions.” - Marc O’Sullivan, Irish Examiner

“Jack Hickey’s fragmentary views... are well judged.” - Aidan Dunne, Irish Times

Adm. Free

Official opening by Eamon Smith, Chairman Linenhall Arts Centre, on Friday 23rd January at 7.30pm. All welcome.

MAN UP Exhibition

VISUAL ART: FOYER: Wednesday 18th - Saturday 28th February

MAN UP is about one simple but powerful thing – men showing pride and leadership, challenging abuse and violence and supporting women and children.

Andrea Zipoli, a photographer from Milan and living in Galway, worked with SAFE Ireland and the MAN UP campaign to tell a photographic story about the positive role of men in the lives of women and children. He beautifully captures moments when men are supportive, encouraging and kind to women and children in this exhibition.

For more information on how you can help see

If you are experiencing domestic abuse and need support, please contact Mayo Women’s Support Services on 094 9025409

Adm. Free

DavId Begley – Breathe

VISUAL ART: GALLERY: Friday 6th March - Saturday 11th April

Breathe is a solo exhibition of new works in charcoal animation by David Begley. Each animation is made of thousands of hand-drawn images using charcoal made from driftwood. David allows the process of drawing and erasing to prompt his images and narrative. Shimmering figures move between dark and light, haunting flickering worlds of water, breath, forests and fire where nothing is permanent and birds can transform to become islands, clouds and strange beasts. Combining recorded sounds of sea, wind and birdsong as well as piano recorded at The Tyrone Guthrie Centre, David has also composed the soundtracks for these works.

David Begley’s drawings and paintings have been exhibited in America, Australia, Europe, China and he exhibits regularly in Ireland. Recent exhibitions include The RHA Annual Exhibition 2014, Irish Wave 2013 (Beijing, Shanghai), Eigse Carlow 2013/14, 12; and VUE National Contemporary Art Fair 2012. His work is to be found in the collections of The Contemporary Irish Arts Society, EPA, OPW and INTO.

Adm. Free

Official opening on Friday 6th March at 7.30pm. All welcome.

St Gerald’s College Art Exhibition

VISUAL ART: FOYER: Monday 9th - Wednesday 18th March

The Art Department in St Gerald’s College is a vibrant environment with on-going projects in a variety of crafts such as printmaking, 3D work in clay modelling, wire construction and plaster of Paris. Linoprinting involves design skills with simplification of a drawing then transfer of design to lino and then carving and cutting the lino to achieve a variety of marks. The lino is then inked and printed to achieve a series of prints. The works on exhibition are evidence of the students’ design, cutting and planning skills combined with creative choices.  Students of all abilities are encouraged to express their creative side.

Adm. free

Life As We Know It

VISUAL ART: FOYER: Monday 13th April - Saturday 2nd May

An exhibition showcasing the Traveller community as active citizens in County Mayo with a focus on culture and traditions in contemporary Ireland.

Presented by Mayo Travellers Support Group in conjunction with the County Mayo Traveller Interagency Forum and supported by South West Mayo Development Company and the Department of Equality, Justice & Law Reform.

Photographs by Mark Slee @ Realta Kiltimagh

E:  M: 087 6471460

Adm. Free

Vicky Smith - A Final Soar Into Orbit

VISUAL ART: GALLERY: Friday 17th April - Saturday 23rd May

Featuring an atmospheric installation, photography, film work and figurative clay sculptures, Vicky Smith reflects on “the disappearance of an RAF pilot, the legacy that has resulted over three generations, strong independent women and an obsession with flight and missions to space.” The nature of the work is inspired by her great grandfather, the book Astronaut Wives’ Club by Lily Koppel, the Life magazine images taken from this time, her grandfather’s photographs and the re-appropriated fictional TV character Arthur Daley. Within this installation the artist examines this legacy resulting in a fictional end to the story. Vicky Smith’s practise explores the tendency of art to be effective in the real world, and miscommunication and translation between art forms and concepts. Smith is a visual artist based in Engage Arts Studios in Galway. She has an MA from NCAD’s Faculty of Visual Culture, an MA in Arts Administration and Cultural Policy from Goldsmiths College, London, and a BA from Crawford College of Art. She is currently joint Project Coordinator of Engage Art Studio Project.

Adm. Free

Official opening on Friday 17th April at 7.30pm. All welcome.

Deirdre Walsh & Lynda Huxley - Lough Carra

VISUAL ART: FOYER: Friday 20th - Saturday 28th March

An exhibition of paintings by artist Deirdre Walsh and photographs by Lynda Huxley, presented in conjunction with Chris and Lynda Huxley’s Lough Carra Booklaunch, Art & Illustrated Talks at the Linenhall.

Based in Partry, Co. Mayo, Deirdre Walsh is an established artist of many years standing, specialising in working en plein air. The nearby Lough Carra has provided an ongoing inspiration for her work. “Light is my inspiration... I chase the fleeting west of Ireland light. I am left in awe with every attempt to catch it.” Deirdre has exhibited widely in Ireland, and also in the US and N. Ireland, and has works in many collections including Leinster House and the OPW. She is represented by the Barbara Stanley Gallery, London.

Lynda Huxley has been photographing County Mayo’s unique marl lake, Lough Carra over the past 15 years.

Adm. Free

Landscape In Line

VISUAL ART: FOYER: Saturday 16th May - Saturday 23rd May

Landscape in Line is an exhibition resulting from an open callout inviting people to contribute their drawings to make up a collective, joined up landscape drawing. Drawing is one of the fundamental human creative activities, one that can be traced back both thousands of years in human history and also to early years of childhood development. Devised and curated by visual artist and curator Ian Wieczorek, Landscape In Line presents a joined up ‘ribbon’ landscape made up from individual drawings submitted as part of an open callout. Playful, inventive and engaging, the results of this invitation are on show for you to enjoy in this celebration of the act of drawing.

Adm. Free

Presented in association with the National Drawing Day, Saturday 16th May 2015

We’re inviting all of YOU to be part of the Linenhall’s Landscape in Line exhibition! Click here for further details

Rehab Care: Landscape & Home

VISUAL ART: FOYER: Tuesday 19th May – Wednesday 27th May

An exhibition by Rehab Care in Mayo showcasing the work of the last year is on show at in the Foyer Gallery of the Linenhall Arts Centre in Castlebar. The show comprises works by 30 artists from a previous run of classes and the current art group of 10 artists. The theme of the work is the town or town land where they come from or a landscape that they found appealing. They have used poster paint, pencil and markers and some have used a larger canvas than usual. Come along and enjoy this colourful and engaging exhibition. “We hope all the visitors to the exhibition have as much fun viewing the paintings as the art group has had doing them,” confirms art tutor Emma Gallagher.

Adm: Free

The Art Room - Bealtaine Visual Arts Exhibition

VISUAL ART: FOYER 29th May - 12th June

A group show by participants in The Art Room initiative, which facilitates arts workshops for people in care settings. This exhibition represents the art work created by residents from three care centres in Co. Mayo which are part of the “Art Room” arts programme: The Sacred Heart Hospital, Castlebar; Cuan Chaitriona Nursing Home, Castlebar; and St. Attracta’s Nursing Home, Charlestown. The Art Room is facilitated by artist Tom Meskell who works with people in long stay care, and whose primary objective is to encourage and support the participants in reaching their creative potential, which has a positive effect on the individuals, the centres they live in and on family members.

A film showing a workshop in action can be found at

Adm. Free

Official opening on Friday 29th May at 3.00pm. All welcome.

Thomas Brezing - Why Stop Dreaming When You Wake Up?

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 29th May - Saturday 4th July

An exhibition of painting and installation that reflects the artistic opportunity to prolong childhood through play and possibility. “Most thoughts going into my current art practice are informed by what I experienced as a child, in my dreams, visions, in silence and in my actual life. Outside of childhood, so called ‘day dreaming’ wouldn’t be encouraged, but for an artist it is essential. If stories can be found in these paintings they will likely remain open-ended, as the works don't set out to present a given story told from A to Z - the viewer is invited to complete the picture…. Having said that, there are undertones of foreboding in these works, perhaps suggestions of a world in which not all is well. These works are loosely based on the notion of landscape and location, woods, water, in some cases the human presence and how we interact with our environment and respond to it. The paintings are not pre-planned, but rather the actual act and pleasure of painting takes over and chance and looseness play as much a role as concrete thinking while paint is pushed around, scraped off, made flow, thrown, fixed, removed, restored… building up the layers with a lightness of touch, striving towards a totality that is impossible to achieve.” Thomas Brezing was born in Germany in 1969 and moved to Ireland in the 1990s. He has exhibited widely in Ireland and also in Germany, Wales, England, Finland and Belgium.

“It is Thomas Brezing’s insatiable curiosity - intellectually, spiritually and philosophically - and the remarkable generosity of will that he invests in his art and life that makes him such a considerable artist.” - Patrick Graham

Adm. Free

Official opening on Friday 29th May at 7.30pm. All welcome.

Diane Henshaw – Drawing from the Land

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 10th July - Saturday 22nd August

An exhibition of drawings by N. Irish artist Diane Henshaw. A modern Irish-English dictionary translates the word dinnseanchas as ‘topography’ (the science of place), but its etymology is more complex. The term originally referred to an ancient genre of mythological geography that gave a poetic account of place names. Diane is seeking in her works to express the spirit of dinnseanchas in a modern idiom, as a ‘cognitive-imaginative mapping’ of the environment through forms of artistic engagement.

Diane deals with the abstract and her work is known for its paired down lines and formulated composition. Her artistic process displays the history of marks of decisions past, of the time spent, and the material layers used to build up her images. The overall impression is that the drawing process may contain anything, but its success depends upon combining its parts into a cohesive, spontaneous unity. Over the past twenty years, Diane has exhibited throughout the world in locations in Europe, North America, Asia and Indonesia, and has held numerous artist residencies both in Ireland and internationally. She is a founding member of Outland Arts and The Drawing Box. Her work is in many private collections both nationally and internationally.

Adm. Free

Official opening on Friday 10th July at 7.30pm. All welcome.

Rehab Care Mayo Exhibition

VISUAL ART: FOYER Tuesday 25th August - Tuesday 8th September

An exhibition by Rehab Care in Mayo showcasing work made in the last year. The show comprises works by 30 artists from a previous run of classes and the current art group of 10 artists.

The artists have used poster paint, pencil and markers and canvas of various sizes. “We hope all the visitors to the exhibition have as much fun viewing the paintings as the art group has had making them.” - Emma Gallagher, art tutor

Adm. Free

Linenhall Arts Centre @ 25

VISUAL ART: FOYER Friday 18th September - Wednesday 7th October

An exhibition celebrating 25 years at the Linenhall Arts Centre, featuring printed materials and photographs documenting our adventures in the arts over the last quarter century. Come along and share the memories!

(Photo: Ryvetta the Clown, England, at the Linenhall Arts Centre, 26 Oct 1991 pic.Michael Donnelly)

Adm. Free

Official opening as part of our Birthday Celebrations on Culture Night, Friday 18th September. All welcome.

Conor O’Grady - Green Carnations

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 27th August - Saturday 3rd October

If you are not like everybody else, then you are Abnormal, if you are Abnormal, then you are Sick… These three categories: not being like everybody else, not being normal and being sick are in fact very different but have been reduced to the same thing.” - Michel Foucault

Green Carnations is the inaugural solo exhibition of Visual Artist Conor O’ Grady. The exhibition is the culmination of an ongoing practice which reference several aspects of societal, cultural and artistic modes of consumption. The exhibitionuses traditional art approaches to re-present the contemporaneous experiences of Irish gay people, focusing particularly on those most at risk of experiencing societal, political and emotional oppression. Green Carnations reflects consistent signifiers of our shared histories; images of isolation, alienation and otherness that are evoked in traditional Irish culture, and substitutes them for experiences that characterise the palpable sense of trauma and societal estrangement expressed throughout entire generations of Irish gay people.

Adm. Free

Official opening on Friday 27th August at 7.30pm. All welcome.

Song of the Sea: The Exhibition

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Thursday 22nd October - Saturday 21st November

in association with the Butler Gallery & Cartoon Saloon

"Song of the Sea: The Exhibition" celebrates the making of the Oscar© nominated film of the same name by Irish animation company Cartoon Saloon. The visually stunning film tells the moving story of Ben and his little sister Saoirse – the last Seal-child – who embark on a fantastic journey across a fading world of ancient legend and magic in an attempt to return to their home by the sea. This interactive, multi-media exhibition of original drawings, prints, storyboards and animation provides an imaginative and accessible insight into the movie-making process and reveals what was involved in creating this Oscar© nominated film. 

Song of the Sea: The Exhibition is curated by the Butler Gallery, Kilkenny in collaboration with Cartoon Saloon and designed by Designgoat.

Adm. Free

Official opening on Thursday 22nd October at 7.30pm. All welcome.

Mayo Artists Show 2015

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 4th December - Saturday 9th January

It’s here again! The Linenhall’s ever-popular biennial celebration of the visual arts in Mayo makes a welcome return. Open to artists from or living in Mayo over the age of 18, the show presents a cornucopia of work in all manner of media and offers a fascinating snapshot of the breadth of arts practice in the county. And with something for all tastes (and prices), this might just be the ideal opportunity to find that elusive and unique Christmas gift…

Adm. Free

Official opening on Friday 4th December at 7.30pm. All welcome.

SUBMISSION DETAILS: Submission is open to everyone over 18 from or currently living in Mayo. Works (in any medium) to be no larger than 100cm in any dimension (inc. frame).

Submission dates: Work to be dropped off at the Linenhall from Thu 26th-Sat 28th November, 11.00am-5.00pm. The work will then be selected by an external selector. Artists may submit up to 2 pieces, with a handling charge of €5 per piece. Works must be framed or in a condition suitable for exhibition, and labelled with the artist’s name, address, tel. no, title, medium and price. (NB Price to INCLUDE 30% gallery commission.) Good luck!

Cathy Carman - Diary

Friday 15th January - Saturday 13th February

Cathy Carman - Diary

A sculptural installation encompassing bronze sculptures, floor drawings, found objects and sound. The show explores the timeline in the making of the sculpture. “The fundamental concern of my artistic practice is bearing witness to interior weather through the use of the figure in sculpture. My work explores the interior psyche, looking for the poetic moments in the female form, the primal image from the subconscious. My figures are carriers – some of burden, others joy – exploring the desire for love and belonging counterpointed by loss and fracture.” Cathy Carman was born in Portlaoise and studied sculpture at NCAD. She is widely acclaimed for her figurative work in wood, stone, bronze and ceramic. Her expressionist style is also evident in the many public commissions she has undertaken. She continues to exhibit regularly, both in-group and solo shows both in Ireland and abroad, and her more recent work has used digital imaging, natural materials found objects and sound to contextualize and counterpoint the figure. Her work is held in numerous public collections. Cathy is a member of Aosdana.

Adm. Free

RehabCare - Where I Am From

Thursday 18th - Monday 29th February

RehabCare - Where I Am From

An exhibition by Rehab Care in Mayo showcasing recent work.

The artists have used poster paint, pencil and markers and canvas of various sizes. The paintings in this exhibition show places you may or may not recognise, but hold a strong connection to each artist, showing where they are from be it home, village, town or countryside.” - Emma Gallagher, art tutor

Adm. Free

Breda Lynch

Friday 19th February - Saturday 12th March

Breda Lynch

Artist Breda Lynch presents an exhibition of new work informed by her interest and ongoing research into the copy, identity, the double and dialogues from the peripherals of history and alternative culture. Her artistic practice is interdisciplinary and explores the mediums of drawing, photography, print media, installation and experimental video.

Lynch has exhibited extensively in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Solo shows include The Pit and Other Stories (2014) at Siamsa Tire Gallery, Tralee and Thursday’s Clinic (2013) at 126 Gallery, Galway. Lynch has also exhibited internationally in Scotland, England, Italy, Turkey, Thailand, China, USA and Iceland. Lynch is the recipient of several awards including the Cill Rialaig Artist Residency Award, Arts Council Travel and Training Award, Arts Council Bursary Award and the SIM Residency in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Adm. Free

Mayo Arts Collaborative - Kathleen Lynn: Insider on the Outside

Dates 26th March -30th April 2016

Kathleen Lynn: Insider on the Outside, which runs concurrently in five visual arts venues around Mayo, is a creative investigation into the life and work of Kathleen Lynn by thirteen contemporary Irish artists and is curated by Catherine Marshall.

Born into an Anglo-Irish family in Mullafaghry, County Mayo in 1874, Kathleen Lynn went on to play a significant role in 1916. A medical doctor, active suffragette, labour activist and nationalist, Lynn was a member of the Irish Citizen Army and chief medical officer during the 1916 Easter Rising. For her part in the rising she was imprisoned in Kilmainham Gaol, with her friends Constance Markievicz, Madeleine ffrench-Mullen and Helena Moloney. During the 1920s she was best known for her pioneering work with Dublin’s poor at Saint Ultan’s Hospital for Infants, which she established in Dublin in 1919, with a group of female activists including her life partner Madelaine ffrench Mullen. Lynn died on 14 September 1955, and was buried in the family plot at Deansgrange Cemetery with full military honours.

Mayo Arts Collaborative sees 2016 as an opportunity to re-focus national attention on this extraordinary Mayo woman, her life and her work by championing her in the county of her birth. The project will create a cultural trail through the county, and both visitors and locals alike will be encouraged to engage with Lynn’s life and work in exhibition spaces in Belmullet, Ballycastle, Ballina, Castlebar and Westport.

Kathleen Lynn: Insider on the Oustide is presented by Mayo Arts Collaborative and follows on from their first project which was a county wide exhibition of the work of Mayo artist Niamh O’Malley in 2013.

Participating artists: Michelle Browne, Gary Coyle, Patrick Graham, Joanna Hopkins, Mary Kelly, Margo Mc Nulty, Janet Mullarney, Seamus Nolan, Conor O’Grady, Will O’Kane, Deirdre O’Mahony, Geraldine O’Reilly and Dermot Seymour

Curator: Catherine Marshall

Participating venues: Áras Inis Gluaire, Ballina Arts Centre, Ballinglen Arts Foundation, Custom House Studios, Linenhall Arts Centre

Consulting Historian: Sinead McCoole

Kathleen Lynn: Insider on the Outside is supported by the Arts Council Touring Fund and Mayo County Council.

Adm. Free

Opening Address "Kathleen Lynn: Insider on the Outside" by Dr Ann O'Mahony

Associated events:

Out of History - Kathleen Lynn & Mayo's forgotten 'Strong' Women - Ballinglen Arts Foundation, Ballycastle, Sat 2nd April 2.00pm

Discussion with Dr Maureen Langan-Egan

"How is it for Women Now?" - Linenhall Arts Centre, Castlebar, Thur 14th April 8.00pm

A panel discussion exploring the position of women in today’s world takes place at the Linenhall Arts Centre in Castlebar on Thursday 14th April at 8.00pm. Discussing the subject will be Sarah Durcan (Waking the Feminists), Catherine Marshall (Curator 'Kathleen Lynn: Insider on the Outside'), Sinead McCoole (Historian) and Michelle Browne (Artist). Admission free, but pre-booking advised.

Mary Kelly, Gallery Talk - Custom House Studios, Westport, Fri 15th April 2.30pm

Mary Kelly is an artist living and working in Ireland. She has exhibited nationally and internationally including New York, Chicago, Paris, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Helsinki and Brussels. She is one of the 13 artists taking part in the Mayo Arts Collaborative 'Kathleen Lynn: Insider on the Outside'.

In 2017 Achill based artist Maeve Clancy was commissioned by Mayo County Council to create a biography of Kathleen Lynn in comic book style. You can browse that comic online here: /

St. Gerald’s College Art and Design Department Exhibition 2016

VISUAL ART: FOYER Wednesday 4th - Saturday 21st May

St. Gerald’s College Art and Design Department Exhibition 2016

Art students at St. Gerald’s College, Castlebar with their Art and Design teacher Ms. Jean Bourke are preparing for the annual exhibition. “The Art Department in the school is a vibrant environment with on-going projects in a variety of crafts such as Printmaking, 3D work in Clay Modelling, Wire Construction and Plaster of Paris. Students of all abilities are encouraged to express their creative side. All Art students and their parents are welcome to attend the exhibition opening.”

Adm. Free

Official opening on Wednesday 4th May at 6.15pm. All welcome.

Tara Moran-Woods - No. 14 to Room 66

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 6th May - Saturday 4th June

Tara Moran-Woods - No. 14 to Room 66

An exhibition of mixed-media and installation by Fermanagh-based visual artist Tara Moran-Woods. Tara explains: “The exhibition explores the life of a visually impaired person, based on the experience of a family member who has gradually lost their sight over the past 20 years. The exhibition features personal belongings and household items that have been adapted to adjust to everyday life, and how memory, touch and order become a way to adapt to life without sight. It also addresses the deterioration of sight, the loss of handwriting and reading abilities, and a new reliance on other people.” Tara graduated from Sligo IT with a Degree in Fine Art in 2006 and has exhibited throughout Ireland. Solo exhibitions include Eight Gallery, Dublin (2015), Hyde Bridge Gallery, Sligo (2015), Teach Bán Nua Gallery, Sligo (2009), Higher Bridges Gallery, Enniskillen(2008) and ARTTANK Gallery, Belfast (2008), and group exhibitions at Ormston House, Limerick (2013) RHA Annual Exhibition, Dublin (2011) and RUA Annual Exhibition, Belfast (2009). She has received Awards from Arts Council NI in 2008, 2011 and 2014.

Adm. Free

Official opening on Friday 6th May at 7.30pm. All welcome.

Alison Laredo - Ten Weeks That Changed the World

VISUAL ART: FOYER Monday 23rd May - Saturday 16th July

Alison Laredo - Ten Weeks That Changed the World

In the early months of 2015, Alison Laredo captured a moment as it unfolded in history. Lesbians and gay men and their supporters came together all over rural Ireland to campaign for a Yes vote in the Marriage Equality Referendum. Yes Equality Mayo took up the fight here and Alison was there every step of the way, from a determined beginning to the victory that emerged from the count on May 23rd.

Alison’s photography is renowned for getting to the emotional core, for telling the personal story. Ten Weeks That Changed the World charts the journey of a social movement with beautiful photography. But there is an intimacy here. We see the people who spoke out, who stood out, visible in the community. Alison’s photographs take us to that point where the personal becomes political, where solidarity becomes community and where that translates into revolution.

Alison Laredo is a professional photographer based in Castlebar, Co. Mayo.

Adm. Free

Tadhg McGrath - The Way Things

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 10th June - Saturday 9th July

Tadhg McGrath - The Way Things

An exhibition of large textural paintings by artist Tadhg McGrath exploring memory and contemporary history, applying traditional techniques to current mediated reportage. Tadhg explains: “The Way Things is a series of paintings and drawings derived from imagery of environmental protests in Mayo in 2006-7. The paintings are made in shallow relief in wire and plaster, and then painted in oils. The surfaces are treated to create a mixture of textures. These images are influenced by religious art (such as Via Crucis/Way of the Cross paintings) and things like the stone carved faces at Dysert O’Dea in County Clare, as well as direct experience of attending protests.” Tadhg McGrath is an artist from Dublin. He has an Honours Degree from Central Saint Martin’s in London and a Masters Degree from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. He has exhibited work in galleries in Britain and Ireland, as well as sometimes getting involved in projects which take place outside galleries.

Admission Free

Official opening on Saturday 11 June 2016 - Artist’s Talk at 4.00pm (moderated by visual artist Joanna Hopkins), followed by Wine Reception at 5.30pm. All welcome.

As part of the exhibition there will be a FREE gallery screening of Aleksey German's film "My Friend Ivan Lapshin" attended by artist Tadhg McGrath, on Monday 27 June at 6.30pm. Numbers are limited, and booking is essential. Booking and further information here.

Kevin Gaffney - A Numbness in the Mouth

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 15th July - Saturday 20th August

Kevin Gaffney - A Numbness in the Mouth

A Numbness in the Mouth is an exhibition of new film and photographic work by Kevin Gaffney. The film takes place in an Ireland of the near-future; a self-sustaining, militarized island, where climate change has benefited agricultural production. A spokeswoman for the government- speaking in our popular native tongue- informs us that due to the record crop yield of wheat there is a surplus of flour on the market. Thus, to retain economic balance, consumption rations for bread and other flour products have been issued. Each citizen is requested to consume more than five pounds of flour per day, until advised otherwise.

Kevin Gaffney is a visual artist working in film and photography. He was awarded a prestigious Sky Academy Arts Scholarship for this exhibition and was an UNESCO-Aschberg Laureate Artist in Residence at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art’s Changdong Residency in South Korea in 2014. His work is part of the Irish Museum of Modern Art’s collection and has been shown in exhibitions and film festivals internationally.

Adm. Free

Official opening on Friday 15th July at 7.30pm. All welcome.

Justyna Gruszczyk - On Nothing

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Thursday 25th August - Saturday 1st October

Justyna Gruszczyk - On Nothing

An intriguing exhibition presenting four works, all of which “show some aspects of uncertainty”.

Invisible Cities is a series of map drawings of cities that the artist never visited, made on paper with water, where the deformation on the paper “is the only proof that anything was drawn”. Banshee is a sound piece, comprising a recording of spoken word in languages that “have experienced violence or extinction” and which the artist herself does not understand. Pool of Darkness is a series of sculptures and found objects immersed in black water, offering a random invisible contemporary archaeology. Mining Damages represents a dream of a non-existant house: a recorded narration of the dream and a paper house that disintegrates over the course of the exhibition.

Justyna is a Polish artist currently based in Co. Wicklow. She has exhibited widely in Poland, Ireland, N. Ireland, Italy, UK and Germany.

Adm. Free

Fabrizio Simeoni – BLUES

VISUAL ART: FOYER Tuesday 4th - Tuesday 11th October

An exhibition of paintings by Mayo-based artist Fabrizio Simeoni, presented in conjunction with the multimedia art performance BLUES, which takes place on Tuesday 4th October at 8pm (See page 6).) “The paintings are the result of a fusion of painting and music, where the music generates, through sound vibrations, its own design/pattern on the canvas.”

Born in Rieti, Italy 1965, Fabrizio is a graduate of Academy Lorenzo Da Viterbo. In 1992 he moved to the UK where he worked both as an artist and an Art Lecturer at the Liverpool Community College. Since 2001 he has lived and worked in the West of Ireland, where he continues developing his work alongside his commitment to delivering art classes as complementary therapy in the rehabilitation of service users within Mayo Mental Health Services. His work features in several public and private collections in Italy, Poland, Sweden, Israel, England, Ireland, Spain and USA, and he has exhibited widely in Europe and Australia.

Adm. Free

Sea of Words

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 7th October - Monday 10th October

"Sea of Words" is and exciting project celebrating the favourite reads of 400 primary school children from Mayo. It's part of Wild Atlantic Words a brand new festival of poetry, music, new writing, lively discussions, book launches and local history which takes place in Castlebar from 7th to 9th of October. 

Over three weeks in September sixteen school groups are visiting the Linenhall Arts Centre, Castlebar to explore the use of text as a visual device in creating pieces of art. Each child will bring along a short excerpt from their favourite book or poem to the workshop, and they will work in groups with their texts to create a number of visually engaging panels on the theme "Sea of Words" The project will culminate with an exhibition of the art works created at the Linenhall Arts Centre gallery. This project is inspired by the work of Castlebar artist Pauline Garavan.

Official opening by Mayo footballer extraordinaire Paddy Durcan takes place on Saturday 8th October at 12.00pm ALL WELCOME

The Beautiful Beasts - presented by the Ark

VISUAL ART: GALLERY: Friday 14th October - Saturday 19th November

Visit a weird and wonderful collection of animal sculptures curated by The Ark especially for children. Amongst these quirky, loveable animals, you will find a flying horse, a tortoise with a secret story and a toucan in disguise! Created by leading Irish and international artists from materials ranging from bronze, woods, ceramics and steel, you can learn about the techniques used to create the artworks and feel samples of the materials used.

The Beautiful Beasts exhibition is made up of some of The Ark’s favourite pieces from its collection which spans its 21 years of commissioning professional artists to create work for children.

Featured Artists:Owen Crawford, Conor Fallon, Luxon Gutsa, Orla Kaminska, Olivia Musgrave, Anthony Scott, Imogen Stuart.

Exhibition recommended for ages 4 years+

Adm. Free  (Note: Exhibition closed Saturday 29th October)

An exhibition from The Ark on a Short Works Network Tour. The Beautiful Beasts is touring to three venues this autumn/winter season, including Riverbank Arts Centre, Newbridge and Draíocht Arts Centre, Blanchardstown.

The Captivated Eye

VISUAL ART: FOYER Thursday 20th October - Saturday 26th November

“We the 6th class students of Scoil Naomh Aingeal have curated our very own exciting, mesmerising exhibition from a selection of artworks from the Mayo County Council Art Collection. Come and be enthralled by our choice of stunning art. Check out The Captivated Eye in the Linenhall Foyer.”

Presented as part of RoolaBoola Children’s Arts Festival. Enjoy!

Adm. Free

Official Opening: Thursday 20th October 1.00pm

You can read the Opening Address here

Jason Deans – Nevertheless

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 25th November - Saturday 14th January

Jason Deans – Nevertheless

“What I really look for in my work is how the use of raw, natural materials can resonate, respond and retort to human interactions on the contemporary world.” - Jason Deans

Nevertheless stands testament to significant social political commentary within the ephemeral constructs created. The use of traditional artistic and raw natural materials in Jason’s practice is important, as the instability and wonder it creates within the work is key to the viewer’s experience within the space. Often the audience is imbued with the view of them as a strategic player in the piece, a creative interplay between art and audience, the artist working always towards a contextual expression that feels cohesive and complete.”

Jason Deans is a Dublin-based artist. He has shown in solo and group exhibitions throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland including Dublin, Belfast, Tullamore and Galway. 2016 has also seen Jason as resident artist with both Draíocht Arts Centre and DIT School of Creative Arts.

Adm. Free

Official opening on Friday 25th November @ 7.30pm. All welcome.

The Cabinet of Wonders

VISUAL ART: FOYER 2nd Oct 2016 - Tue 3rd Jan 2017

The Cabinet of Wonders

The Cabinet of Wonders is an ongoing visual art project at the Linenhall Arts Centre, Castlebar, Co. Mayo. It is now in it's second iteration.

From the time of the Renaissance, Cabinets of Curiosities (also known as Kunstkabinetten or Wunderkammern), were collections of unusual objects which presented the rich and often curious diversity of the natural world and beyond. Taking this as its inspiration, The Cabinet of Wonders #2 has been unveiled at the Linenhall Arts Centre in Castlebar. This new, second exhibition features works by Saidhbhín Gibson, Margaret McDonnell, Cecilia Moore, Peter Nash, Jane O’Sullivan and Verona Stellet. 

The Cabinet of Wonders project is devised, curated, installed and managed by Ian Wieczorek.

You can view the catalogue for The Cabinet of Wonders #1 here.

Adm. Free

Elaine Leader – Framework

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 20th January - Saturday 25th February

An exhibition of drawings, models and installation work by Elaine Leader. “My practice involves drawing, architectural models and temporary experiential installations. These are psychological, disrupted, in-between spaces, which are activated by the viewer. They employ familiar kinetic architectural and engineering mechanisms from everyday life and repurpose them in a way to de-stabilise our preconceptions of space and how we move through it.” Leader was born in Dublin and completed her MFA in Sculpture NCAD in 2012. She has exhibited extensively in Ireland and N. Ireland, as well as in Sweden, France and the US.

“In her practice she creates ambitious large scale and complex installations that need to be experienced in order to complete their understanding. She creates complex architectural spaces that are activated by the viewer... The final and most important collaboration takes place with her audience, often unbeknownst to them, which makes Leader’s practice unique within the artist-artwork dichotomy.” - Séamus Mc Cormack (artist & curator)

Adm. Free

Official opening on Friday 20th January @ 7.30pm. All welcome.

Hawthorn Group

VISUAL ART: FOYER Wednesday 25th January - Saturday 25th February

The Hawthorn Group is made up of seven individuals who are living in social housing in Aras Attracta. With support from the UPSTART scheme, this project focused on creating art that could be enjoyed and shared with the Hawthorn Group and their local Community. In creating this, the Hawthorn Group worked towards realising their own undiscovered artistic potential. As it was the group’s first time applying for the UPSTART programme, they enlisted the help of local Community Art resource Mayo Art Squad. The group developed their talents and skills by experimenting with different materials and methods of art. This project will hopefully be the first of many that will allow them to find their individual styles and expressions of art.  

UPSTART is an initiative of Mayo County Council Arts Office and The Hawthorn Group acknowledges the support received under this scheme this year.

Adm. Free

Official opening on Wednesday 25th January at 2.30pm. All welcome.

Nuala Clarke - As Above So Below

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 3rd March - Saturday 8th April

Nuala Clarke, As Above So Below, Visual Art

“The show explores the primary alchemical formula ‘as above so below’ through an endeavour to ‘make’ space. We constantly move in and out of spaces both physical and subtle that hold memories, prompt emotional reenactments, incite awe. The paintings in this show, explore deeply personal preferences of order while simultaneously claiming and offering what was once known but is now on the periphery of awareness. They also offer what is not known, yet deeply within and without us. The images and sound installation suggest a connection to primordial order; mysterious, moody, celebratory; full of shaman ghosts, air and land.”

Visual artist Nuala Clarke lives and works between Co. Mayo and New York City. She is a fellow of the Ballinglen Arts Foundation in Ballycastle, Co. Mayo. She has exhibited widely in Ireland and in the US.

Adm. Free  

Official opening on Friday 3rd March at 7.30pm. The writer Crystal Gandrud will be performing with others at the opening. All welcome.

Nuala Clarke will deliver some workshops during the run of her exhibition you can read about them here.

Robert Dunne – Alter

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Thursday 13th April - Saturday 20th May

Robert Dunne, Alter, Visual Art

Robert Dunne works mainly with plaster and used wood, and says his work “is a way to reframe our ‘made’ environment. I try to capture physical and visual elements of my surroundings and reimagine, juxtapose and alter their structure and meaning to make new but vaguely familiar scenarios”.

Robert studied at the National Collage of Art and Design, Dublin and the Museum School of Fine Art in Boston. Last year he showed work in Carlow’s VISUAL, and was awarded a residency from Arthouse in Stradbally. This year he has two solo shows, one here at the Linenhall Arts Centre, and one in Gray Contemporary in Houston, Texas.

Adm. Free

Official opening on Thursday 13th April @ 7.30pm. All welcome.

RehabCare - Locality, Irish Legends and Stories

VISUAL ART: FOYER Tuesday 25th April - Saturday 27th May

RehabCare - Locality, Irish Legends and Stories

An exhibition by Rehab Care in Mayo showcasing recent work.

“The work displayed has been painted in support of the Drama Productions theme of Locality, Irish Legends  and Stories, ” explains art tutor Emma Gallagher. “The Art Group comprises 20 artists who have been painting and exhibiting for several years. The artists have used poster paint, pencil and markers and canvas of various sizes.”

Adm. Free

Margo McNulty - Archive

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 26th May - Saturday 1st July

Margo McNulty - Archive

A multimedia exhibition of video, photoetchings and photographic prints based on the experiences of the artist’s grand uncle, who was detained as one of many Republican internees in the 1940s in the Curragh camp in Kildare. The exhibition also connects with the subject’s family home on Achill Island, Co. Mayo.
The work concerns itself with the intersection of personal and public histories and how these histories and meanings can be embedded in material objects. Recent Irish exhibitions include the Museum of Country Life, Roscommon Arts Centre, and Claremorris Open Exhibition, and recent international group shows include Paris, Cologne, Leuven (Belgium) and Poland. McNulty studied Fine Art in GMIT and completed a Masters in Fine Art at NCAD, Dublin. She is currently a member of Graphic Studio and lectures in the Design Department in AIT

Margo McNulty's website

Adm. Free

Official opening on Friday 26th May @ 7.30pm. All welcome.

Laura Angell - Awkward Position

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 7th July - Saturday 12th August

Laura Angell - Awkward Position

Laura Angell is a Galway-based artist from Sheffield. Her work/obsession/raison d’être is manifested via multidisciplinary installations using images and handmade objects to tell an intended narrative. Her work focuses on failure, status, success, and anxiety. Describing herself as an ‘emotional flasher’, the essence of Laura’s work is the juxtaposition of darkness and the humour she employs to navigate and dissect these emotive themes. For this exhibition she focuses on the theme of ‘pornography: a societal failure’. “Sexualized images of the female body are constantly around us, apparently offering women the platform to take control and reveal ourselves as strong, independent empowered beings. This has stemmed from and is often influenced by pornography; it creates pressure that offers no alternative ideology. Struggling to agree or accept that any of it empowers women, the only form of attack is to make this exhibition, ridiculing the clichés of pornography and sexual parlance in order to divert the viewer to the political. This is a protest.”

Adm. Free  Note: Content of a sexual nature. 

Official opening on Friday 7th July at 7.30pm. All Welcome.

Bryan Gerard Duffy - The Fool by the Roadside

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 18th August - Saturday 16th September

Bryan Gerard Duffy - The Fool by the Roadside

“I will build a great wall - and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me - and I’ll build them very inexpensively.”  - American President Donald Trump

The exhibition title was based on Duffy’s naïve intervention, the act of surveying the innards of a decrepit Israeli army tank left isolated on the roadside in the Golan Heights region prior to the 2014 bombings on Gaza. He scaled a wall to invade the tank; he later crossed “the wall” to Bethlehem. The show explores the social consequences of these wall structures and the process of navigating them through the everyday. It presents a volatile playground composed of hideaways, shelters, and interactive materials tempting  the viewer to touch. 

Bryan Gerard Duffy’s work investigates notions of psychological and physical displacement. The Castlebar native is a multi-disciplinary artist having graduated from NCAD, Dublin in 2009.  He has exhibited work in the US, throughout Europe, Africa and The Middle East.

Adm. Free

Official opening on Friday 18thAugust at 7.30pm by artist Sean Hillen. All welcome.


VISUAL ART: FOYER Friday 1st September - Tuesday 19th September


This is the latest exhibition from The Art Room at the Sacred Heart Hospital in Castlebar. This comes at a time when the hospital is going through massive changes and hopes to see the completion of the huge extension in early 2018. “The participants in the Art Room want to celebrate the work that has been made to date to mark the end of one era of the arts and the beginning of another. The arts work is developed in some cases over years to reflect the creative vision of the participants, most of the work represents people currently resident at the unit and others are from people who have recovered and returned home. We hope you can join with us in celebrating the fun and hard work we have had.” The Art Room is facilitated by Tom Meskell

The Art Room takes place every Friday in a purpose built room at the Hospital. The HSE funds the project with additional funding for materials from Mayo County Council Arts Office and the Saint Vincent De Paul Society.

Adm. Free

Official opening Friday 1st September at 2.00pm. All welcome.

Niamh O’Doherty - On Stagnation, Standing at the Still Point

VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 22nd September - Saturday 21st October

Niamh O’Doherty - On Stagnation, Standing at the Still Point

“If there is true freedom it can only come about in the course of our lifetime by our going beyond our original situation and still not ceasing to be the same.” - Maurice Merleau Ponty

The exhibition On Stagnation, Standing at the Still Point consists of two contrasting video works, The Perpetual Present (2017) and The Long Still (2014). Both works center on themes of repetition and stagnation: The Perpetual Present reflects on the negative aspects of stillness, while The Long Still 2014 considers the potential in learning to accept and embrace stagnation.

A graduate of Chelsea College with a Masters from NCAD, Niamh O’Doherty has exhibited in the UK, Ireland and Iceland.

Adm: Free

Official opening on Friday 22nd September @ 7.30pm. All welcome.

Castlebar Camera Club

VISUAL ART: FOYER Friday 22nd September - Saturday 7th October

Castlebar Camera Club

Castlebar Camera Club celebrates its 40th year with an exhibition in which the current members were asked to submit images that best represented their work. “The sole aim of Mayo Photographic Club is the enjoyment of photography. The club caters for anyone who is interested in photography, whether just starting out or advanced. We help each other to improve - there is always something to learn and everyone is a teacher. At club meetings members show their work and explain how they made each picture. We run courses and have workshops on different genres of photography such as portrait, landscape, fine art and wildlife. The club has regular talks presented by national and international photography experts. We have competitions and exhibitions and, of course, the odd cup of coffee! Members come from all over Mayo and everyone is welcome. Club meetings are always informal and friendly with lots of discussion. We meet Monday nights, 8-10pm, at Macalla Hall, Lough Lannagh, Castlebar. All are welcome.”

Contact the club at

Adm. Free

Official opening on Friday 22nd September at 7.00pm by Camera Club founder member Michael O’Sullivan. All welcome.

Paper, Light & Shadow

VISUAL ART: FOYER Tuesday 10th - Monday 23rd October

Paper, Light & Shadow

Throughout late July and August a group of teenage refugees recently resettled in Mayo participated in a visual art and animation project at the Linenhall Arts Centre. The group came up with a number of stories and told them using visual imagery in the form of animated paper cut-outs. Under the expert guidance of artist Maeve Clancy, assisted by designer Jeni Roddy, they imagined, conceived, wrote and conveyed the stories using artwork they created during the project. Working in the Linenhall, they had the chance to meet, collaborate, speak English, learn visual art and animations skills and produce their own short animated film. This exhibition is the culmination of their creative endeavours.

The project was initiated and funded by Mayo County Council Arts Office through a Cultural Diversity Partnership initiative, supported by the Arts Council under the Invitation to Collaborate Scheme.

Mayo Social Inclusion Awareness Week takes place from 16th to 22nd October 2017. For further information contact

Adm. Free

Official opening on Tuesday 10th October @ 5.30pm. (please note the new time!)

All welcome.


VISUAL ART: GALLERY Friday 27th October - Saturday 18th November


What is drawing? A pencil mark on paper? A swipe across a screen? A double yellow line? Where do we draw the line - or do we? Visit this exhibition of a whole multitude of drawings from some of Ireland’s leading mark makers. Find drawings made from materials such as pencil, ink, paint, pixels, chalk, pastels etc... by architects, visual artists, illustrators, furniture designers, animators, and more. Visitors can also explore drawing for themselves at the exhibition process stations.

Featured mark makers include: John Brady (visual art), Cartoon Saloon (animation), Rex Bangerter (archaeology), McCauley Day O’Connell Architects, PJ Lynch (illustration)*, Alice Maher (visual art), Graeme King (furniture design), Pamela Gray (illustration, graphic design), Jennifer Cunningham (visual art), Maeve Clancy (visual art, comics), Michael Scott (architect), Betty Gannon (visual art).

Join us and explode your understanding of drawing.

Curated by the Linenhall Arts Centre especially for children.

*see The Big Picture

Adm. Free

Official opening on Friday 27th October @ 6.00pm. All welcome.

The Big Picture

VISUAL ART: FOYER Friday 27th October - Saturday 18th November

The Big Picture

Internationally renowned author, illustrator & Laureate na nÓg, PJ Lynch, is working with the 5th and 6th class students from Newport National School as part of his Big Picture project, to create a large scale visual narrative on the Linenhall Arts Centre’s foyer wall. They’ll be illustrating a very special story: The Young Prince and [the] Giant. The story was collected in incomplete form by the children at Skerdagh National School in the late 1930s as part of the Irish Folklore Commission’s Schools Collection initiative. The young artists from Newport are working with Fighting Words Mayo to creatively engage with this old story from their local area. With their contemporary young voices they’ll complete the story, before illustrating it under the guidance of PJ Lynch.

The Big Picture is an element of the Linenhall’s exhibition Draw curated especially for children (see p22), and is presented with the support of Laureate na nÓg, Fighting Words Mayo and the National Folklore Collection.

Adm. Free

Official opening on Friday 27th October @ 6.00pm. All welcome

Mayo Artists Show

VISUAL ART Friday 1st December - Saturday 13th January

Mayo Artists Show

It’s here again! The Linenhall’s ever-popular biennial celebration of the visual arts in Mayo makes a welcome return. And this year it’s in two venues, the Linenhall Arts Centre and Ballina Arts Centre. The show will be selected by Catherine Marshall. Catherine is a noted art historian and curator.

Open to artists from or living in Mayo over the age of 18, the show presents a cornucopia of work in all manner of media and offers a fascinating snapshot of the breadth of arts practice in the county. And with something for all tastes (and prices), this might just be the ideal opportunity to find that elusive and unique Christmas gift…

Adm. Free

Official Opening on Friday 1st December: Linenhall Arts Centre @ 6.00pm; Ballina Arts Centre @ 8.00pm. All welcome.

NB: A FREE bus will be provided on the night; booking is ESSENTIAL (through the Linenhall Arts Centre ONLY) and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Bus generously sponsored by Michael Moran Bus Hire.

See Mayo Artists Show submission details here

Noelle Gallagher - Silent Rhythm

VISUAL ART GALLERY: Friday 19th January - Saturday 17th February

My painting practice is informed by architectural space, with the former medical school of UCD at Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin providing the source material for my current body of work. In exploring this space, one phenomenon that caught my attention was how percussion instruments were littered about the former dissection room: What was previously a place of rigorous scientific enquiry on cadavers had become a space of musical experimentation for percussionists of the adjacent National Concert Hall. But a silence, a ghostliness and a sense of temporality pervades the space, which I reference by applying diaphanous layers of oil paint to the absorbent grounds of my paintings.

An honours graduate in Fine Art from GMIT (2011), Noelle has exhibited in numerous shows in Ireland and the UK including Tulca, Éigse, and The Claremorris Open. She has received an Emerging Irish Artist Residency Award from the Burren College of Art and 126 Gallery, and Individual Artist Bursaries from Galway County Council.

Adm. Free

Official opening Friday 19th January at 7.30pm. All welcome.

Patrick Corcoran - Phobos & Deimos

VISUAL ART GALLERY: Friday 23rd February - Saturday 24th March

Patrick Corcoran - Phobos & Deimos

Patrick Corcoran is an artist based in Limerick City, working in mixed media. He explains: “Phobos and Deimos were figures in Greek mythology, twin brothers personifying fear and terror. This work deals with the themes of defence, self-defence and fear. Though several pieces are personal, coming directly from my own dreams and nightmares, other pieces stem from fear-related topics, such as the prevailing atmosphere of ‘climate of fear’ covered so frequently by the national and international media. This climate includes financial worries, civil strife/conflict, global environmental/weather concerns and even interstellar /cosmic earth-related disasters. The individual works in Phobos & Deimos, though varying in style and media, all relate to how governments, the media and individuals explore these concerns and issues.”

Corcoran has exhibited in Ireland, UK, Switzerland, Brazil, Hungary and China. 

Patrick Corcoran's Website

Adm. Free

Official opening on Friday 23rd February at 7.30pm. All welcome.

10 Reasons to See They Called Her Vivaldi

They Called Her Vivaldi

St Gerald’s College Art Exhibition

VISUAL ART FOYER: Wednesday 14th March - Saturday 14th April

St Gerald’s College Art Exhibition

“The Art Department in the school is a vibrant environment with on-going projects in a variety of crafts such as Printmaking. 3D work in clay modelling, wire construction and plaster of Paris are also explored.  Linoprinting involves design skills with simplification of a drawing then transfer of design to lino and then carving and cutting the lino to achieve a variety of marks. The lino is then inked and printed to achieve a series of prints. The works on exhibition are evidence of the students design, cutting and planning skills combined with creative choices.  Students of all abilities are encouraged to express their creative side and to develop their art, craft and design skills.” - Jean Bourke, teacher

Adm. Free

Official opening on Wednesday 14th March at 2.15pm.

All welcome.